Akua Shuzen (朱染 亞愛, Shuzen Akua) is one of the four Shuzen sisters and is the eldest out of the four. She is especially close to her younger sister, Moka. Akua seems to be infatuated with her, though it may be just an extreme affection for her.
Akua Shuzen


Although brutal in terms of strength, she seems to truly care for her sisters, particularly Moka, whom she loves very much. She has shown a reluctance in fighting, stating that she did not really want to kill Akasha in front of Moka, saying that by doing so, it would sadden her.

She has a very dark and violent side, and will annihilate anyone who gets in her way. She goes as far as to threaten the lives from Tsukune and his friends


Akua has pale skin, black hair which she keeps up in two pigtails and glowing red eyes. She is often seen wearing the traditional Chinese cheongsam, her preferred black attire along with knee high combat boots.

According to Touhai, Akua hasn't grown in all the years that have passed since Outer Moka was created by the Rosario, as he pointed out her small breast size. It should be noted that when she goes into combat, Akua's eyes do not morph into slit pupils–as Kokoa and Moka do–instead they resemble a rotated white crescent.




  • Jigen-Tou Jigen-Tou
  • Youho Saishusui


  • "If you hate me... hate yourselves for making an enemy out of me..."
  • "We finally meet... my beautiful Moka...."
  • '"...But. Even that won't be enough, to scratch me.'