An Alpha Werewolf is a variant of werewolf that is much more powerful than a regular werewolf. Their power, like Shinso Vampires, cannot be passed down through reproduction, but through a bite. Unlike the Shinso vampire, however, a transferral of blood is not the case; the genetics in an Alpha werewolf's saliva can change others by entering the bloodstream and their own genetic makeup.

Extremely powerful, they are considered the only monsters readily able to engage a Shinso Vampire in equal combat, and vice-versa.

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Alpha werewolves are said to be the very embodiment of the cruelty and viciousness of nature itself, and an apex predator that no prey can escape from. They possess physical abilities that far exceed those of S-Class werewolves, and any other normal S-Class monster (the only exceptions being the Shinso vampire and the Dragon King).

In addition to their strength and speed increasing as the moon waxes, the effect is said to last the entire night of the full moon, not entirely dependent on moonlight, but rather just the phase as opposed to regular werewolves, which have to depend on both moonlight and moon phase. This means that even while clouds cover the full moon, an Alpha werewolf will still be fully-powered with strength to match a Shinso vampire and hyper-sonic speeds that overwhelms theirs. An Alpha werewolf under the full moon is shown to create afterimages from their sheer quickness and are stated to move as fast as the moon's light.

While normal werewolves lack a unique ability, Alpha werewolves have a new ability called "Lunar Hunt". This is a last resort move; when activated, the Alpha werewolf's physical strength and ferocity temporarily rise to fear-inducing levels, while in exchange, the Alpha sacrifices their self-control. In other words, an Alpha werewolf under Lunar Hunt is unable to hold anything back as they give in to a predatory desire to kill and devour, effectively becoming the beasts of nightmares.

If not attacked by silver or mercury, an Alpha werewolf can and will heal almost instantly from any grievous injury. It can also heal even faster by eating animals and other monsters.

Weaknesses Edit

Silver/Mercury: Both silver and mercury have properties that can halt an alpha werewolf's fast healing, thus enabling the metals to seriously injure or even kill it.

Wolfsbane: Wolfsbane, also known as aconite or monkshood, is a toxic plant known to repel werewolves and can even weaken them. The alpha werewolf is no exception.

Known Alpha Werewolves Edit

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