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Amaya Color.png
Biographical Information


  • Unknown Mother and Father
  • Girly
  • Amaya-chan
  • Ito-san
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Vampire


  • Light Brown Hair
  • Ruber Pink Eyes (Limited)
  • Pale Skin Tone
  • Vampire Red eyes (Non-Limited)
  • The Yokai Acadamy skirt.
  • Reddish Black Knee Socks.
  • Hair and Neck Ribbons.
  • Anklet Limiter
  • Brown and Reddish Black top.
  • Black Shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities


  • Fangs
  • Decelrated Aging
  • Enhanced Condition
    • Enhanced Agility, Combat, Durability,Endurance, Regeneration, Speed, Strength, Bite.
  • Enhanced Senses
    • Night Vision
  • Blood Consumption (Gains more power from injesting blood.)
  • Non-Limited Form (Vampire)
Other Information
  • Flower Arranging
V.A. (English)


V.A. (Japanese)

Horie Yui

Theme Song(s)

『君の知らない物語』 Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari - supercell

English Title; "The Ending You Don't Know"

Amaya Ito[]

Amaya Ito (雨夜 伊藤, Night Rain Wisteria) is a main character in a series to be renamed and is a female vampire. In the series she's best friends with a fiesty and tomnboyish Yuki-Onna named Tamayo, who she met in the woods as a child. She wears a power limiter cross on her ankle (Once again, Rosario + Vampire.) and once it's removed her eyes turn Vampire red and her powers are no longer limited.


Amaya has brown hair that's shoulder blade length. She usual has her side bangs pulled back into a braid and wears some sort of hair ornament. For her school uniform, she wear a reddish-black and red-brown top that has a ribbon on the back and the usual Yokai Acadamy skirt. She also wears thigh-socks with the same color scheme as her shirt and black dress shoes. The outfit also has her limiter; an anklet with rosario and a pink ribbon around her neck. Her skin is quite pale and her eyes are Ruber pink.


Amaya is an introverted individual who does things according to how they fit into her priorities. She's quiet and hard to get to know well, but those who do know her know that she is a loyal and discreet figure who will do what it takes to protect others. She is a 'doer', she lives in accordance with action and intuition and does things rationally after she's had a go.

She is warm, sympathetic, and cares about others; despite rarely showing it. Amaya is more than likely to show her love through actions rather than words, and will allow herself to die to let someone know she loved them enough to end her life for them.

Amaya is less than likely thrilled about being led by others and leading others herself. She would much rather be left alone to decide things for herself and doing things on her own, causing other's to believe that she is aloof.

School Information[]

Name: Amaya Ito

Species: Vampire

Age: 15

Grade Average: 3.4

Dorm-Mates: Tamayo Yuki (same room)

Birthdate: December 27th


  • Amaya is associated with Rain, as Heina with Flowers and Tia with Snow.