Aneko Hanako

Full Name

Aneko "Neko" Hanako






July 23


Mother, Father, Four younger brothers, Three younger sisters

Grade Point Average

0.4 D (Provided she shows up to class)


158cm (5' 2")


45kg (99 lbs.)

Japanese V.A.

Akiko Hasegawa

Aneko is known to most of the world as a cute and clumsy kitten that looks like she'd be teared to shreds if left to the world with a love of cute things. To those who know her personally though, she's one conniving cat as her constant helpless and naive appearance is actually just her way of making sure she can win the guys over and will go to almost any lengths to make sure of this.


  • Being fawned over by boys.
  • Being pampered
  • Showing off
  • Fresh birds and fish
  • Anything cute


  • Water
  • People not thinking she's cute
  • When her twintails won't tie right.
  • Being called "Bakaneko."


  • Because of where she grew up, she has a hatred of vampires and says that they're just "useless" and "stupid."
  • For unknown reasons, she has a fear of homo/bi sexual people.
  • She uses the honorific "-chan" for every girl in Rosario + Vampire, be they student, teacher, or enemy.
  • For guys, when she is not putting up her cute front, she doesn't use proper honorifics and uses either "-baka" (for most boys) or "-ecchi" (for guys she considers perverts such as Gin) instead.
  • When writing her name in Kanji, she writes it alternately than what is used by her teachers and parents, chosing to write it as あ猫 (making it mean "ah cat") rather than 姐子 (meaning "elder sister").