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I made this character up

A vampire (Angel Akashiya) shows up at Yokai Academy and is known as a transfer student.She ended up in the same class with Moka and the others (second year students)and in Ms.Meconome's class.Kokoa,always trying to find a way to get her big sister back (Inner Moka) roams the halls of Yokai and sees that Moka is fighting the teachers (back when lilith's mirror was still at Yokai).Kokoa sees the rosary in Tsukune's hand and takes that chance to get the rosary but ends up failing.Angel was on her way to her next class and sees Moka in trouble so she runs to Moka and kicks the math teacher off of Moka and defeats the rest of the teachers.Moka sealed the rosary and Angel knew that she has seen Moka before.Then when Moka found out that Angel and her had the same last name,they knew they were sisters.(Angel and Moka Akashiya and Kokoa and Akua Shuzen)

The End

P.O.V-I was just bored so I made up a story

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Angel Akashiya

Angel AkashiyaEdit