Kana アッパロー
Romaji apparoo
Manga Mythologies
Age 2000+
Status Active
Race God
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green (Human Form)
Golden (Olympian Deity)
Equipment Sword of Olympus
Personal Status
Affiliations Twelve Olympians, Yokai Academy
Class God, Teacher
Atlantis Symbol

Apollo (Attic, Ionic, and Homeric Greek: Ἀπόλλων, Apollōn (GEN Ἀπόλλωνος); Doric: Ἀπέλλων, Apellōn; Arcadocypriot: Ἀπείλων, Apeilōn; Aeolic: Ἄπλουν, Aploun; Latin: Apollō, Japanese: アッパロー, apparoo) is one of the twelve Olympians, and the son of Zeus and the Titanes Leto, and the current Chief God of the Greek pantheon on Olympus. He's the main character in Mythologies as a teacher of Yokai Academy.

Apollo, with the approved acceptance to the Shinto goddess, Amaterasu-Ō-Mi-Kami. Being hired by the Headmaster at Yokai Academy, he teaches all form sof history, society and cultures and helps yokai to understand how mankind was formed in varios religions and mythological origins. He is one of the more popular teachers from the boys, and more on the girls.

Outside of the academy, he is a close friends to the Aesir, Týr and Mimir.



Olympian Form

Apollo in his human form is a young 6ft tall young man with green eyes.

Apollo in his Olympian form, takes that of a blonde man in a Greek outfit with his torso exposed, and tatoos synbolizing the Light and Sun. His hair becomes longer, and possess golden eyes that reflects the Sun.

At times, he wears a suit of armour that allows him use the full might of both the Light and the Sun, and as to not blind everyone as well.



Apollo comforting Selene.

Apollo is shown as a highly caring and charismatic Olympian deity and a natural-born leader. He is shown to care almost anyone in the world when in danger or hurt. He provides light to those within the darkness, and helps them find their return. He is compassion to everyone, especially Selene Ambrogio, a mortal high schooler he fell in love. He likes the sense of adventure and excitment. However, as a God of War worshipped in Sparta, does possess a war-like personality, and even can be enraged. One situation was with he god, Pan who compared his with Apollo, and Pan challanged the Olympian God of Music. However, when all but Midas did not agree of Apollo's awarding, he turned Midas' ears to donkey as it was a insult to him.



After Zeus and his siblings defeated the titans and Cronos and casted them into Tartarus, Zeus had a affair with the titaness Leto.

When Zeus' wife and sister discovered this affair and that Leto pregnant by Zeus, she had forbidden Leto to give birth on terra firma, and soon after kidapped Eileithyia, the Greek goddess of childbirth to keep Leto to enter labour.

When Leto wandered and began to lose hope in giving birth to her children, the sea god Poseidon raises a land that is not land, nor a island and not classified as terra firma. Going to the island with the help of Poseidon, he allowed the titan to stay on the island.


Cratos and Nike born in Apollo's temple on Delos with Leto.

Since Leto can not give birth due to Hera, all of the Olympians tricked Hera in releasing by gifting the Queen a necklace of 8.2 meters long.

With the goddess released, leto finally entered labour. During her labour, the inhabitants of the island helepd Leto, along with Eileithyia to give birth to twins, with Artemis being the first to be born, and soon after Apollo was the born. After giving birth, Leto had Apollo and Artemis in her arms as the goddess of childbirth then after cared after the titan til she no longer needed it.


After 4 days being born, Apollo had already grown up to almost 6ft tall, and when he was told Hera sent Python to molesate his mother during pregnacy, he went to visit the Smith God and prayed and begged for bow and arrows. Upon request, Hephaestus forged a silver bow with enchanted arrows. Upon recieving them, he tracked down Python and was able to corner and kill it.

However, since Python was a son of Gaia, Zeus punished Apollo by having him serve as a mortal for one year, and he went to Thessaly where he served King Admetus.

Abilities & Powers

Cratos (Sacred Gear form)

Apollo entering into his Olympian form.

Apollo is a powerful immortal Olympian God, and and the embodiment/personification of the Sun and Light, possessi near-absolute manipulation power the forces of solar and light. He is capable of generating the primordial light that is capable of vanquishing the primal darkness of the cosmos, and easily destroy demonic aspects of existence. He is able to manipulate all aspects of the Sun, from its nuclear fission and the electromagnetic radiations.

As a immortal being, Apollo is immune to earthly diseases, virses and virtually any toxins, but can be intoxicated if he drinks too much alcohol. He had been shown to withstand blows that would normally kill a yokai, this is either showing his extraordinary physical durability as his muscles and bone density are greater then most Gods, or it's his immortality kicking in.

Being the God of Light, Apollo can become the shining destination in all the hearts drowned in corruption and inner conflict of becoming the opposite of one's true nature. He is able to purify almost any entity, and guide them down to the correct path to their true nature, the path of perfect harmony. He believes corruption is a imbalance in one's inner nature which leaks out and physically manifest itself. Apollo with his brilliant divine light, helps those to "cleanse" of their impurities and helps them the locate the path out to harmony.

As the God of plagues, Apollo is able to plague any land of life in the world, and bring diseases and viruses as divine judgment as the demigod of justice. Just as he plagues, he is also the healer, able to cure any and all vireses and diseases and restore anything to their optimal conditions. This healing power is also extended through possible resurrection capabilities on most mortals entities, and even supernatural beings, and even himself.

Apollo's Aura

Apollo's aura harming Selene.

Apollo's magical aura is a deadly force one should not approach when he's releasing it in Olympian form. His aura attributes to the same, if not hotter then the surface of the Sun itself, making him the ture surface of the Sun. This is shown when his human friend, Selene Ambrogio got too close and began to get burn just by going near him.

As a Olympian God, Apollo is a powerful god in both physcally and magically. He is able to withstand the attacks the titans during the Second Titanomachy and even withstand the blows of Atlas, a titan who said have such strength he can tear reality be punching alone. Even Zeus comments on his extraordinary powress.

Apollo, being the God of knowledge and prophecy, is capable of recounting past and future, and possess innate knowledge of various of subjects across history, philosophy, science, and much more. He is able to see the many predictions, the possible futures of everything, including of living beings and gods alike. He is able to also speak all known language across the world, and perfectly understand all forms of communications. His intellectual capability of understanding and processing is unrivaled in the academy, and of the mortal world, essentially being "Tony Stark", he is able to intuitively learn and understand information and process them at a accelerated rate.

Due to his innate knowledge, Apollo is a highly intuitive fighter, able to combat multple combatants of once. His reflexes and agility is well beyond the yokai, and his skill in specifically archery surpasses even Artemis' hunters surprisingly. He is also a master unarmed combatant, using both his strength and reactive speed in Martial Arts to swiftly take down foes of his choosing and is acrobatic, able to leap across buildings and scale many environments with ease.

Apollo & Selene

Apollo using his lyre for Selene.

Apollo as the God of Music, is capable of producing any form of musical art that allows him to project all forms of music, from hip-hop, to even the calm melodies that can place even a God to sleep. His mastery over music allows him to calm down even the most wild of beasts, and tame anything with music alone. Selene shows great love in his music. Along with this, he is able to manipulate the concepts of music and in turn control sounds itself. He is able to project attacks with sound and vibrations in the air.