Bakeneko are one the Yokai from Japanese folklore. A Bakeneko may born under the condition that they reach a certain age, or that they are born under two Bakeneko. In Japanese folklore, Bakeneko were cats that over grew or lived a long life (Over Ten years) and gained paranormal powers once reaching this requirement. Once a cat became a Bakeneko, it was said that the would haunt or menace the household they lived in. Other superstition about the Bakeneko is that once their tail forked into two, they would then become a Nekomata.

Bakeneko AbilitiesEdit

Powers with * next to them are for when the Bakeneko has reached a high level.

  • Entering Dreams

Dream walking allows the Bakeneko to enter one's dreams in order to menace them or give them a message.

  • Enhanced Feline Abilities

Enhanced Feline Abilities include that of Agility, Balance, Biting, Climbing, Jumping, Flexibility, Senses (Which include Night Vision), and Speed. They also have Claw Retraction, Predator Instinct, and Stealth Tactics. Alongside these, Bakeneko possess Spiritual Awareness; meaning they have an increased awareness of Yokai around them and can detect them.

  • Eating Immunity

This takes the form of what a Bakeneko eats, as Bakeneko are able to eat practically anything and still live. (Read below about Poison.)

  • Flight*

Flight is only accessible to higher level Bakeneko, as it says on the tin; These cats can fly.

  • Ghostly Fireballs*

Bakeneko are Pyrokinetics; they can create Ghostly Fireballs.

  • Shapeshifting - Human, Bakeneko, and Cat form.
  • Necromancy*
    • Reanimation*

Bakeneko were said to possess an ability to raise the dead after leaping over a fresh corpse and thus it would be reanimated into a zombie. Some Bakeneko would even have the ability to controls these Zombies like Puppets.

  • Immunity to Poison

Bakeneko as stated above are able to eat practically anything, but it was known in that they have a diet of Poison from a certain snake. From this diet, it can be concluded that they are immune to Poison and it may actually taste appetizing to them.

Bakeneko OC'sEdit