Basilisk O Brienus by kaijuverse

An example of a Basilisk, its fangs not being visible.

Basilisks are an infamous form of Yokai, who have established a title amongst themselves as being some of the most dangerous Yokai in the world.


Basilisks appear as a cross between a snake, and a rooster, with them having a serpentine body, but bird-like features. They are defined as being "reptiles". Their lower beaks are capable of splitting in two, allowing them to open their jaws even wider.

Most Basilisks are sinister, cunning, and cruel, who enjoy taunting their victims, before killing them. They will often toy with them for a while, mocking through words, and sometimes, through visual efforts.

Strictly carnivorous, Basilisks eat any kind of flesh they can find, but they do have an exception: vampires. They bitterly hate the taste of vampires, so much that they run a risk of throwing up if they make an attempt to consume them. Despite their dislike for vampire flesh, or perhaps because of it, Basilisks despise vampires in general, and will never show mercy to one.

To prevent unwanted casualties, Basilisks often wear contacts.


The most famous, and feared power a Basilisk possesses, is the power to turn anyone who looks directly into their eyes, into stone. In contrast to the power of a Gorgon, Basilisks only need to make eye contact with their opponent to activate the effect. The gaze doesn't literally kill, instead placing the victim in an unconscious state, but a Basilisks can, and often will, simply break the structure. They are capable of reversing the effect should it prove necessary. All Yokai species are vulnerable to this effect, except for the Mummies. This is because of the fact that written in a Mummy's curse, is that can never feel any relief for their pain, and if they were turned into stone, it would cause them to feel relief. As a result, Mummies are not affected by the gaze.

Most Basilisks are also physically powerful, having very strong bodies, and they are capable of constricting their prey if necessary. They also posses large fangs, that are laced with a deadly venom, that can kill in a very quick space of time.

Despite possessing wings, Basilisks are not fully capable of flight, only capable of using their wings to boost their speed, and to glide if necessary.