Canon Shipping is the page for Canon Relationships (parings). The only pairings here will be found under the Yokai girls and guys, plus the occasional Yuri/Yaoi enthusiast.


Parings that usually involve Moka:

  • Moka X Tsukune
  • Moka X Gin


Kurumu Pairings:

  • Kurumu X Tsukune


Mizore Pairings:

  • Mizore X Tsukune
  • Mizore X Unknown Man (Rosario + Vampire Season 2 Chapter)


Yukari Pairings

  • Yukari X Tsukune


Rubi Pairings:

  • Rubi X Tsukune
  • Rubi X Gin

What People Support:Edit

Destiney the HedgehogEdit

I like some and others, here's what I think:

  • Moka X Tsukune

This is the only Pairing that makes the most sense to me with Moka. These two truely love eachother, so why not? I also this it's very, very, very cute.

  • Kurumu X OC

Kurumu.... ehh.... I'd rather she get hooked with a Fan Character rather than a canon. No one in canon seems TRUELY right for her, sorry, but it's my opinion.

  • Mizore X OC

I think the same for this, it's inevidable that Mizore is a bit of a shy, creepy, stalker. I think a man that's an OC would be right for her, Tuskune may seem to be friends with her, but I don't see a future with them.

  • Yukari X OC

AGAIN, a fancharacter for this character. Yukari, she needs someone... oh... I dunno... HER AGE?! Seriously, 17 year old X 12 year old? Who in the right mind supports a child with an almost adult? Sorry, but no.

  • Rubi X Gin

Both of them are little weird minded, so I think THIS one makes a HECK of a lot of sense. I love it <3 I think they match nicely to each-other, really, I do.