Dante is Gilver's best friend.


Dante is a tall, well-toned man who stands at least a head taller than Gilver. He also wears typical Pillar General clothes, albeit more formally, and has the unique fin-like ears that all members of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division possess. And as such, he has also a distinctive tattoo on his face, common for Pillar Generals.


When first imprisoned, he was shown wearing plain clothes and his face was somewhat unshaven. Upon his release, his face became clean and he wore his regular clothes again, though after he was defeated by Gilver and imprisoned for the second time, his appearance reverted back to its former, shabby self

Dante is the kind of person who likes looking down on his opponents. Hecadoth appears bloodthirsty, cruel, and even sadistic; these traits were obvious from his first appearance in the series. He is also aggressive and rather cocky.

Powers & AbitilitesEdit

Dante is a Pillar in Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division, depicting that he is stronger than a normal human and an ordinary demon. He was able to easily overpower Ginei and defeat weakened Moka in their first encounter. Though he was easily defeated by Tsukune after his training.