Gabriel Leonheart

Gabriel Leonheart





Romantic Interest

None at the momment


Crusader(Pretty much human)






A long Sword


regeneration, enhanced physical capabilities, control over lightning, teleportation

Gabriel is a foreign exchange student that came from the United Kingdom. Even though he may be a pleasant figure, much mystery surrounds him.


Gabriel is a handsome young man that appears in his late teens, with the factor of having a fit body that could have been only maintain through intensive training. He has short blond, messy blond hair that always seem to reflect any light that his shown upon his body. His eyes are a deep shade of blue that seems to reflect his kind and gentle personality.

He wears the traditional Yokai academy uniform, since it is mandated by the academy itself. But he does show a bit of "rebelious nature" and sometimes come to school with out the blazer, though he still wears the tie. He leaves his shirt untucked for much needed comfort.

He has his fair share of combat, wearing clothes that are much more suited for it during his major battles. It consists of sleeveless shirt with a blue and white overcoat over it. He also wears a belt that has a steel plate across his waist with the word "Hope" carved onto it. It symbolizes as a reminder to keep on moving, despite of the loss of his comrades. He also wears white trousers with blue and white boots. The boots have buckles across the middle of the shin region. He also wears blue and black armored gauntlets that has two buckles on each one.


Gabriel is described by everyone as a nice, soft spoken individual. He is very polite, minds his manners, and has a high respect for authority. However, there are times when he wants to have fun, so he tends to have his moments where he jokes around with his friends. He is also known to be a pacifist, especially when it comes to fighting women. Gabriel is also rather supportive of his comrades, friends, even people he just met, wishing them good luck in succeeding in their dreams. He is also very fond of his works, often getting peeved when someone criticizes them. There is however, a small speck of perveted natures that exist within the hunter, due to his strong self-disipline.

But under his knightly behavior lies many secrets. He's actually a guilt ridden individual who blames himself for every mistake he's made. He also suffers from an inferiority complex since his revelation. Even if he's depressed, he will always try to hide it with a bright smile. He's a person who even though tries to console others, he doesn't want anyone to try and help him. He also states that he's weak, but is in fact, actually very strong.


More will be revealed




Long Sword