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(Last Episode Jake was walking around to find out about the Swimming club and didn't want to learn swim lessions with Tamao so Tamao tried to take the life force out of him but when he screamed for mizore she came in, she went to get his gun before he was about to get bitten but was to late and she was caught by the mermaids, but she tossed the Ice Pistol jake was able to get up and shot them to free Mizore and later was back at the nurses office)


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Late at night time Jake was having a hard time sleeping as he then looks over at the window and saw a shadowy creature pass by as he thinks and says in his head "Hm what was that" a few girls were in their dorms screaming a bit as Jake then looks at Mizore as he smiles while she sleeps and then gets up as he opens the door looking down the hallway and says "What is going on?" as he shrugs and goes back to sleeps. The next day Jake and the others were down by the vending machine as they were talking about what was going on in the girls dorm as then Ginei was walking in as he says "Oh hey you guys" Tsukune looks at Gin and says "Oh it's Gin, did you know what was going on with the girls?" Ginei shakes his head and goes away as then Jake looks at Tsukune and says "Hey Tsukune who was that?" Moka looks at Jake as she smiles and says "Oh that's Ginei Morioka his the one who leads the Newspaper club and were already a part of that club too." Jake looks at her and smiles as he looks over at Mizore and Mizore says "Ya his fine. I love you Jake" She smiles and kisses him deeply, Jake looks at Mizore and kisses her back as Jake says "I'll be back i need to go check something" Jake looks around as he goes to the his dorm and starts to cook something to eat as he made noodles with orange chicken, he eats his food as he thinks and says "I think that shadow creature I saw was a wolf or something" he finishes eating as then Ginei walked into his dorm and sees him as Ginei looks at him and says "hey want to help me track down that guy that is sneaking in girls dorms?" Jake thinks about it as he gets up and goes to him as he says "First of all how did you find me here?" Gin says "I saw you and thought of coming here to tell you" Jake looks at hims with a serious look as he says "alright but I am going to keep my eye on you." Gin smiles as he then get a shine on his smile as Jake and Gin go to the same place as Tsukune and Gin were in as then Jake looks at Gin as he says "Ok what are we doing here?" Gin looks at him and smiles as he says "well there is Mizore i need to have her put these posts near by" as Mizore looks at Gin and nods as she takes it and gets on a chair trying to put it up high as then Gin says "Good just a little more." He then pulls out his camera as Jake then looks at Gin and then looks at Mizore as he thinks and then Gin kneals down as he points the camera at Mizore and Jake looks at him and wonders why his doing that and then saw him taking a picture of Mizore underskirt as Jake then blocks his way and says "Gin you jerk don't do that." Mizore looks at Gin and then looks at Jake as she jumps on him and kisses him as Gin tries to take a picture of then and got the shot. Jake looks at Gin and throws his camera away as Mizore gets off him and she says "I'll be back I need to go to my dorm." Mizore runs to her dorm as Gin then comes back and smirks as he says "here" he puts a barrel near a window as Gin says "Get up on here and looks into that window i believe that the guys is in there.* Jake nods as he does what he says and looks over at Gin and then looks into the window as he sees girls undressing and putting cloths on as Jake then blushes and says in his head "This is the girl Locker Room." Gin takes a picture of Jake and then Jake looks at Gin as Gin says "lets see if Mizore would like this" Jake looks at him and says "You tricked me you jerk" as then Jake cracks his fists as then the girls saw Jake and then Gin turn to his wolf form as Jake says "Your the one who did that to the girls" Gin says "Yep and your about to get the beat down." The girls in the locker room start chasing after Jake and then caught him as Mizore looks over at them and then says "What's going on?" Jake looks at Mizore as he smiles and says "Thank god your here Mizore" One of the girls said "This guy was peaking on us while we were taking off our cloths" Mizore looks at Jake with widen eyes as she runs away and Jake says "Mizore." Jake then gets up and says "Girls listen it wasn't me who did this just don't blame me for something i didn't mean to do" one girl says "Well then who told you to look though that window? was your imaginary friend?" Jake shakes his head and says "No it was Gin he was the one who told me to look through that window" All the girls shake their heads and go back to the locker's as they untied him and they said "Go get him alright? because we know he always does that stuff to us girls." Jake looks at them as he thanked them and then goes up on top of the building and sees Gin and Mizore, Gin almost tried to kiss her as then Jake looks over at Gin and says "Mizore get away from him, His the one who made me peak on those girls" Mizore looks at him and says "So it was him." Gin sighs and says "All well i am going to have to get you." Jake looks at him and grins as he smirks and says "Ya you can't get me." Gin laughs and looks at him with and angry look as he says "The moon is out and your out of luck" Jake says "I'm not out of luck you idiot" Gin then turns to his form and howls as then he looks at Jake as he rushes at him and attacks him multiple times as then he grabbed him hand and tosses him on the ground as he says "What the?" he looks at the moon and it wasn't covered but he was able to grab him. Jake laughs and looks at him as he says "You can move fast as you can but I am able to grab people when they use some shit like that." he then pulls out his Ice Pistol and shots at him as he flies off the building and falls to the bottom of the building as he then looks over at Mizore as he smiles and says "See he took these pictures of me looking through and...." he looks at the other pictures he had and says "Oh damn he took these pictures of the girl as he then rips them all as he looks at Mizore and kisses her deeply as she says "Um when Gin was knealing down while he was looks at my underskirt were you looking too?" Jake blushes and looks at her as he smiles and says "No I didn't look I just stopped him from taking the picture." Mizore giggles as she then gets down on the ground and says "Look at them then I don't mind because your my boyfriend he can looks and do what ever he want's with me." Jake blushes and looks into her eyes and says "are you serious Mizore?" Mizore nods as she giggles and says "Go ahead look at my underskirt" Jake blushes in shyness as he gulps a bit and then she lifts up her skirt as she show her panties to him as Jake then blushes deeply and then hugs her as he kisses her deeply and says "Mizore lets go back to the dorm please" She giggles and says "oh Jake you love my panties don't you?" Jake nods and blushes as they both go to the dorm and then after the next day all the girls were after Gin as Mizore, Moka, Kurumu, Yukari, and Ruby were both on top of a table putting up the Papers as Tsukune was looking at Gin and smiles as Jake then looks up at them as he sees their underskirts as he blushes deeply and then Moka accedentally kicked him in the face as she says "Oh Jake I am so sorry I didn't mean..." Jake was bleeding a bit as she smells his blood and then says "Oh my he smells just like Tsukune i can't help myself" She then starts to do her "Capchu again" Jake says "What the hell."

(The End Of Episode 4)

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