Ginei Morioka is a student at Yokai Academy and happens to be a werewolf. As a werewolf, his powers
reach the highest point when the full moon shines. Under a full moon, he is faster and more powerful. He's even faster than Moka. In addition to being a werewolf, Gin is also the president of the Newspaper Club.


Gin has red-violet eyes and ink black hair, which he keeps back with a red headband. He wears the standard male uniform, except for the tie, and his shirt is open a little which shows a wolf head pendant he wears around his neck. When he transforms into a werewolf, his appearance changes to that of an anthropomorphic werewolf.


To look at him, one would think Ginei Morioka is a rather charming fellow. However, Ginei is rather girl-crazy almost to the point of being a total high-class pervert. That said, he is extremely attracted to Moka and considers Tsukune a rival for her affections. When it really counts he gets serious and cares for his friends in a non-pervert way.


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