Titan Symbol

The symbol of Hades, of the Omega with an eye.

Hades, is a Yokai organization lead by the Titan, Saturn. It holds the goal for the complete and total genocide of humans. Hades is well spread throughout the world, and they have three signature bases in pivotal locations in the world. Many of the aspects have an Ancient Greek theme.

Twelve LaborersEdit

The Twelve Laborers are the twelve strongest members of Hades, with the exception of Saturn himself. They are based on the Twelve Labors of Hercules, and they often serve as commanders of Hades' certain divisions and parts of the order. All twelve of the members are Yokai that have an Ancient Greek theme. They are often sent in a certain order when assigned to fight, as a way of testing the opponent's strength.

Eye of SaturnEdit

The symbol of Hades is known as the "Eye of Saturn". The design is of an omega symbol, with an eye in the center. All members of Hades, regardless of their rank, have the symbol tattooed somewhere on their body. The symbol allows for Saturn to be aware of their location of all times, and to know their exact movements.


Saturn - Founder/Leader

Calais- Twelfth Laborer

Xylon- Eleventh Laboer

Aiode- Tenth Laborer

Daemon- Ninth Laborer

Celliane- Eighth Laborer

Fedor- Seventh Laborer

Daphne- Sixth Laborer

Eachaan- Fifth Laborer

Kadmus- Fourth Laborer

Talus- Third Laborer

Rhesus- Second Laborer

Ladon- First Laborer