Courtney meets a boy named Jack Most. But she is suspicious about him, so she follows him around the school. Elsewhere, Keira and Jane are fighting as training for future fights, but an older man arrives out of nowhere, only to defeat them. Tsukune runs up to the boy, who turns out to be Onon Shizuki, his cousin. Jack and Courtney arrive to fight, but Onon turns out to be a powerful opponent, even when Courtney becomes Kurai. That's where Katie came in, but even she couldn't defeat him! Moka offers to step in, but Jack turns it down, vowing to protect Courtney, as he had fallen in love with her. He then uses his Wyvern powers to take down Onon. Onon then apologizes about attacking Keira and Jane, and that Lila had taken control of him. In addition, Courtney and Jack become a couple.

Characters Introduced: Jack Most, Onon Shizuki


  • Keira Kimochi
  • Jane Roberts
  • Courtney Hēisè
  • Jack Most
  • Tsukune Aono
  • Onon Shizuki


Part 1Edit

Courtney: *bursts out the door of her dorm room, books in her hands* Auugh! Gonna be late! Gonna be late! Gonna- *bumps into a blue-haired boy a little bit younger than her, causing her to drop her books* Oh, dang it! You see what happens if you run into a highschool girl like that?!

???: I'm sorry, miss. Let me clean that up.... *picks up Courtney's books and gives them back to her*

Courtney: Thank you. Say, aren't you one of the freshmen?

???: Why, yes, yes I am. And you're one of the seniors, right?

Courtney: No! Well, I should be, since I am 17 years old. But I was held back 2 years, so I am, in fact, a freshman. By the way, my name's Courtney Hēisè.

???: Nice to meet you. My name is Jack Most.

Courtney: Wow. So Jack-kun, you mind if I walk to you to class?

Jack: Sure.

  • Jack and Courtney walk to class together. Courtney is looking at Jack with a suspicious look on her face*

Courtney: (thinks: This Jack guy throws me the wrong way. I better keep my eye on him.)