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Kahlua Shuzen (朱染 刈愛 Shuzen Kalua) is the second of the four sisters. Kokoa harbors a deep fear of her since she is the top assassin of the Shuzen family.

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Like Moka, her earrings serve as her limiter; when removing them, she gains access to further transformations that allow her to turn her arm into develop razor-sharp bat wings. According to Yukari Sendo, all vampires were able to take forms of other animals, but due to a vampire's vanity of beauty over form, this is considered a lost technique.


Inheriting her mothers appearance, Kahlua has light blonde hair, tanned skin and red eyes. Though unlike her mother's, Kahlua's hair is longer, held back by a tiara and is wavy, with bangs framing her forehead. She seems to dresses in a flowing white dress with snow white gloves and white boots.




  • Strength: Like any Vampire, her strength is monstrous. While sealed, Kahlua could severely hurt Kurumu and Tsukune with a single punch. Her kicks are just as powerful and were greatly increased when her limiter was removed.
  • Speed: Kahlua's speed is seen to be very fast. Even with her powers sealed, she was able to get in front of Moka when she attempted to run away; acting as a decoy. Her speed vastly increased once she removed her limiter. She could easily hit anyone before they blinked, but her full potential has yet to be seen.
  • Charm: Kahlua is very resilient. After being kicked in the face by Inner Moka, she could stand up with little trouble while her limiter is on. Once removed, she can nearly recover instantly after any attack. Even after her internal organs were penetrated, she was able to remain standing to fight. This was caused by an ability to paralyze her pain. Combined with her healing ability and strong vampire body, Kahlua can for a short time become "Charmed". This particular ability makes Kahlua an extremely powerful but equally vulnerable opponent. Her catastrophic injuries catch up to her when she returns to normal and if she doesn't notice them, it will lead to her death.
  • Wealth of Power: Yukari states that all Vampires have an ability called "Wealth of Power." In the case of Kahlua, she has the ability to turn her arms into five razor-sharp bat wings that can easily demolish stone columns. Kahluha is also able to fire a beam from the wings.

    Wealth of Power