Kayaba amid falling snow
Vital statistics
Title Dark Prince

The Thousand Year King

Scumbag (Kurumu & Mizore)

Gender Male
Race Vampire
Faction Royalty

Yōkai Academy Student (posing as Juzo Sekozawa)

Health 20,000 health
Level Uber-Boss
Status Alive
Location Yōkai Academy



Kayaba was a tall, fairly built vampire with a flawless skin complexion and possessed the deceptively young appearance of a twenty year old. He had similar, almost identical facial features of one Juzo Sekozawa so much so they could be mistaken for twins though his hair was much shorter and less wavy than the former.

Personality and traitEdit



Misa SekozawaEdit

Fumiko SekozawaEdit

Juzo SekozawaEdit


Powers and abilitiesEdit


  • Enhanced Reflexes: HIs reflexes are heightened.


  • Perceptive: Kayaba is highly perceptive of his surroundings, nothing escapes his watchful gaze.


Despite his vast vampiric power Kayaba suffers from all the weaknesses vampire share. Such as water, crosses and silver. Due to water's purifying properties, it is his greatest weakness, disrupting his yoki channeling ability to the point he cannot summon up even a mediocre level of battle strength, delievering a shock to the physical body. To get around this, Kaya uses devil herbs and mixtures to dilute the water to a useable level for baths.

Silver is the next weakness that can affect him, particularly blessed silver like his ring limiter. His ring in particular drains his yoki at an incredible rate, thus sealing it.

Other weakeness such as garlic and sunlight are not a great issue since garlic can be avoided and sunlight has little effect other than being able to give a light sunburn.