Kokoa ShuzenEdit

Kokoa Shuzen is the younger half sister of Moka Akashiya. Like her sister, Kokoa is also a Vampire but her powers are not sealed and she does not carry the same supernatural strength Moka possesses. To compensate, she has a pet bat, Ko, that can transform into a variety of weapons and wields it with enough strength to make herself formidable.


Bearing a slightly similiar appearance to her sister Moka, Kokoa has bright green eyes but unlike her sister, has flaming orange hair tied back into two high ponytails. She instead wears a red shirt tied in the front by a bow with the same skirt that the females wear. Her shoes are dress shoes, similiar to gothic lolita styled shoes, they are black with plaid bows tied at the toes.


Kokoa can be energtic and kind if she gets to know someone. She worships Inner Moka, but hates the sweet Outer fake personality. Despite how many time she's told something, Kokoa never listens to her elders. Though a bit indifferent about Tsukune, but Kokoa grows to like him in the back of her mind. Also noted, she is smug and snobby, thinking vampires are superior to all other monsters and humans, but actually can be a coward.


Rosario + Vampire: RedemptionEdit

Kokoa plays a Larger role in this fanfiction.

Rosario + Vampire; The Next Big VampiresEdit

It's seen in a preview that Kokoa will return in this series.