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Episode 2 SummaryEdit

(Last Episode Jake was in the nurses room, when he got out everyone wanted to see him, later Jake told Mizore his story and became Mizore's boyfriend, later on Jake told everyone his story and then Inner Moka came out to stop Mizore and Kurumu from suffocating them and then Jake got a flashback from the past about Moka then after they ate lunch.)


Episode 3Edit

Another day at Yokai Acedemy and everyone was at the club fair looking at the clubs that were going on in the school as Jake was walking pass by the people he looks around and says "None of these clubs seem good to me but they all look bad." Jake looks around and sees the newspaper club, Also seeing Kurumu and Yukari dressed up in maiden outfits as he then blushes and says "Man why are they dressed like that it's really embarrassing to be dressed up like that" Jake looks around more and sees the swimming club as he begins thinking about it, as then he sees a bunch of girl in their bathing suits and the decides to join that club for just the day, Jake walks over to the swimming club as he then gets stopped by Mizore as then Jake bumps into her and they both feel on the ground and then he tries getting up and accidentally grabbed her boob and looks at her and says "Oh sorry Mizore" As he blushes and looks at her as he smiles, his hand was still on her boob as she looks at him and blushes looking at him touching her breast as she then says "Um gee Jake i didn't know you had such soft hands" as she moans softly and Jake looks at his hand and then blushes as he backs away a bit as he says "I'm so sorry Mizore I didn't mean to grab your boob" as he then looks away, She crawls over to him as she was on top of him and looks into his eyes and says "Hey it's alright Jake you can touch me there if you want and you could also touch here" as she puts her hand on her skirt refuring to her private part as Jake blushes deeply and says "Um sorry Mizore that's too early for me doing that with you." Mizore looks at him as she kisses him deeply and blushes as she places her hand on his chest and smiles, Then Jake puts his hand on her cheek and looks into her eyes as he kisses her deeply and smiles as she then grabs his hand and puts his hand on her breast again as Jake blushes deeply and says "Mizore we can't do this here there's people watching" as he blushes and smiles, She smiles and giggles as she says "Lets go to my dorm then silly" Jake looks at her and shakes his head and says "No I am fine" He gets up as he helps her up and she goes to her dorm and changes her cloths as Jake goes to the changing room in the pool area and was wearing a nice pair of swim trunks and then goes into the water as he was then surprisingly grabs on the hand from one of the teacher named Tamao as she then smiles and her breast were pushed up against his back as she says "You want me to teach you some lesson" Jake blushes at her large breast touching his back as he says "No I am fine my girlfriend will help me" Tamao laughs and looks at him and says "Oh come on sexy you know you want me to teach you" as she giggles a bit and then says "Because if you don't then I would have to hurt you" Jake then heard what she said as he then turns around and says "W-what hurt me what do you mean teacher don't harm students" as he then looks around and all of the men were getting bitten by some odd creatures as he then looks at Tamao as she then starts to turn into her mermaid form as she says "Come on Jake let me suck your life force out and let me teach you to swim as then Jake says "Hell no there's no way i am going to get lessons from you." as then Tamao laughs and looks at him as she says "You can't defeat the mermaids cutie we can just take your life away" Jake looks at her and the other mermaids as Jake then grabs onto his waist and says "Oh crap I left my weapon in the changing room" as he then grins and starts to jump in the air and lands on the outside of the pool and runs to the pool room but was stopped by one of the mermaids as the mermaid jumps at him and drags him back into the pool as Jake then yells saying "Mizore!" Mizore was in her Dorm as she starts getting a chill about Jake and then gets up running out the door. Jake looks at the mermaids as Tamao going to try bitting him and the mermaids holded his arms down as then Mizore looks around as she gets to the swimming pool and sees Jake in trouble as she says "Jake? Jake!" Jake looks at Mizore and says "Mizore go into the changing room and grab my gun quick" as he tries breaking free. Mizore rushes to the mens changing room as she goes to Jake's locker and opens as she sees his weapon and grabs it as she runs out to him and she sees Tamao already had bitten him as Jake was on the side of the pool on the ground as she then looks at the mermaids and says "Jake! No" Tamao looks at Mizore as the mermaids look at her and say "Come Join us" as then one of the mermaids got a hold of her as she then screams and yells as she looks over at Jake and tosses his weapon to him as she says "Jake please wake up and help me" as Tamao tries to bit Mizore and then Jake was moving as he puts his arm on his shoulder and says "Hey Mermaids" as he grins and then grabs his Ice Pistol as he points it at Tamao and the other as he says "Tamao your never going to get me to learn from you" he grins and shoots at them and then looks at Mizore as she was set free and they all turn back to normal form and ran as Jake then falls to the ground and looks over at Mizore, Mizore rushes over to him as then Moka and Tsukune arrive as Moka looks over at them both and says "What's going on is someone in trouble" Mizore nods as she says "Jake joined the Swimming club and was almost going to die by Miss Tamao the mermaid. Tsukune looks at Jake as Jake begins passing out as he then shuts his eyes and Mizore looks at Jake and says "Tsukune could you help me take him to the nurses room?" Tsukune nods as Mizore, Tsukune and Moka take Jake to the nurses office. Then next day Jake opens his eyes as he looks up at the ceiling and then looks around as he then looks down at himself as he sees Mizore laying on him and was sleeping a bit as Jake then blushes a bit as his heart begins beating and then smiles as his heart beats Mizore could hear his heart as she then opens her eyes and looks at him as she says "Well hello there sweety" as she smiles and kisses him as she looks into her eyes. Jake blushes as he kisses her deeply and then looks into her eyes as he says "I love you so much Mizore, and thank you for getting my weapon and your welcome for saving you" as he smiles and holds her closely knowing that he will never let her get harmed by anyone. Mizore looks at him and says "Jake... your so kind and sweet" she was touched by his words as she then kisses him more and then got interrupted by Tsukune and the others as then Mizore looks over at Moka and smiles as Moka, Kurumu,Yukari, and Ruby look at Jake as they all then jumped on the bed with him and Jake says "What the hell are you doing" as he blushes and looks at them all as Mizore pushed them all off him as Mizore kisses jake more and then Moka bits Tsukune on the neck and does her "Capchu"

(The End of Episode 3)

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