Miko is Gilver's loyal servant.


The differences between them include slight changes in costume, as Miko's outfit reveals more of her large bust and part of her stomach, and that Miko keeps her bangs out of her eyes and her hair loose rather than tied. YMiko is considered to be very attractive, with her breasts equaling if not greater in size than Moka's.


Regardless of what she is saying she will commonly speak in a cheerful and playful manner, even if she is issuing death threats or insults. She also seems to be flirtatious, as she attempted to kiss Gilver upon first meeting him. Miko also has somewhat of a laid back and calm personality and likes to smile very often while she talks in a sadistic manner, unlike her maid companions. She also teased him about it saying, that this might be a little too much for the boy to handle, showing her femme fatale side. Miko is also very sensitive towards people's romantic relationship. Miko also is shown to be playful.