Nami is one of Gilver's ally.


Nami has the appearance of a petite, high school teenager with brown eyes that are widened and long, she has crimson-red hair tied in two briads, she also wears a pair of glasses. She also wears a hat which is crossed between a pirate's hat and a college graduation hat, imprinted on it is a symbol of a snake. She wears a pair of plateleg boots and has several straps on her legs, one of which carries a knife. Around her waist is a belt that is loosely fastened, attached to it is a sheath where she keeps her sword. She also has the Pillar symbol tattooed on her left thigh.


She is arrogant, and she understimates humans, she doesn't seems to like them either.


She was interested Gilver once Gilver first joined the Youkai.She wore an oath to together with him,no matter what. She felt in loving him even Gilver didn't notice it. She always get in Gilver's battle way and help him much.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

She is so physically strong, she can send men flying with just a flick from her finger, or break chains with minimal effort. She also has demonic powers, much like Hilda's. She's also good in fighting with swords.


Dark Sword, Blood Grave: Agiel covers her sword with her demonic, and does a slide slash on her opponent.