A Rainbow Serpent in the clouds.

Rainbow Serpents are rare, X-Class Yokai, who resemble enormous snakes, with multicolored scales.

A Rainbow Serpent is a borderline divine entity, who possess the power to control storms, and can bend forces of nature to its own will.

Most Yokai of this kind, spend most of their time in hibernation, sleeping in large bodies of freshwater. This can include lakes, or rivers. Other will spend their time in clouds.


As their name would imply, Rainbow Serpents are colossal serpentine beings with rainbow colored scales.

The majority of Rainbow Serpents are benevolent, and are kind to humans. They see humans as a good influence on the world, and think of them as being a good for the Yokai to learn about. In fact, Rainbow Serpents actually will use their powers to grant humans benefits and resource. Many of them actually believe humans hold priority over Yokai, and they prefer to the company of people to Yokai.

However, these forms of Yokai care nothing about their fellow serpents. They, in fact, see each other as being expendable, and think that only a few Rainbow Serpents are needed in the world. Although, they will not kill their their brethren, they will not risk themselves to help them either.

Rainbow Serpents are attracted to chromatic, and shiny items, which resemble their own bodies. As a result, many Rainbow Serpents that are not in hibernation, and hide amongst humans, work as artists.


The greatest power a Rainbow Serpent possesses is they are capable of manipulating weather patterns on command. Their primary powers lie in their abilities to manipulate water on their own will. This includes, but is not limited to, rain and lightning.

Especially powerful ones, are capable of summoning hurricanes, and typhoons, and can control it to such an extent that certain people won't get rain on them. They are able to infuse water, and magical energy together, to create a large water beam, which is so strong it can carve through solid stone.

Rainbow Serpents also possess a potent venom, which they are able to imbue into their rain, which allows them to literally make it rain poison.

They are also more than able to manipulate lightning and electricity, but they prefer not to, as they say it causes too much pain.