Rosario + Vampire: RedemptionEdit

Season 1Edit

A newcomer Onon Shizuki also happens to be Tsukune's Cousin, arrives at Yokai Academy to challenge off against Moka Akashiya. He is mistakenly being tricked by Kuyou for Lying to him. Onon joins the gang, and he brings out the advices to them and he has back story on who he really is. So later he decide to forms a team so that one day they'll be prepare to face off Kuyou once again.

Season 2Edit

Gilver Akashiya, an old friend of Moka Akashiya comes to Yokai Academy. He finds out that she spends more time with Tsukune Aono then him, making him more ignorant and jealous. Meanwhile later in the season a new class known as "X-Class" also known as the Lich plans to invade Yokai academy and the human world for total annihilation.




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Season 1Edit

  1. New School Year + Vampire
  2. New Order + Vampire
  3. Fighting + Vampire
  4. Truths + Vampire
  5. Decisions + Vampire
  6. A Friends Message + Vampire
  7. Trial of Blood + Vampire
  8. Disaster + Vampire
  9. Onon + Kokoa + Vampire
  10. Kuyou Palace + Vampire
  11. Counterstrike + Vampire
  12. Tragedy + Vampire
  13. Hope + Vampire (Season Finale)

Season 2Edit

  1. Gilver Akayshia + Vampire
  2. Untitled episode
  3. Untitled episode
  4. Untitled episode
  5. Untitled episode
  6. Untitled episode
  7. Discovered + Vampire
  8. Untitled Episode
  9. Face Off + Vampire
  10. Double Trouble + Vampire
  11. Untitled Episode
  12. Untitled Episode
  13. Untitled Episode

Further Season(s)Edit

  1. Graduation + Vampire (2nd to last series Finale)
  2. Future + Vampire (The Seires Finale)

Music Theme/SoundtracksEdit

Nana Mizuki - Dancing in the Velvet Moon

Nana Mizuki - Dancing in the Velvet Moon

Japanese Opening 1