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Rosario + Vampire; Snow, Flowers, and Rain.[]

A next generation story that takes after the timeline of Rosario + Vampire, the story focuses on Amaya Ito, Tomayo Yuki, Sora Oshiro, and Heina Sakura. In the future, a Yokai war has broken out. Children, not to get involved have had their powers limited and are to be kept away from war zone. As a choice, children may be sent away to the Yokai Acadamy boarding school. In Rosario + Vampire; Snow, Flowers, and Rain the encounter of several students may change all of their fates.



Limiters have been a requirement in all Yokai who are considered "Minors" are who are still in school for some time now. Limiters are somewhat like seals but come in caried strengths and versions depending on the Yokai. They can keep powers in check and supress a Yokai's abilities, and the stronger one's have the ability to hide away physical traits in the Yokai's true form.



Amaya Ito

A polite girl who's introverted and serious nature is somewhat off-putting. She's a Vampire.

Tamayo Yuki

A hot-headed girl who will do anything to keep the students of the acadamy safe from the war men. She's a Yuki Onna.

Sora Oshiro

A keen guy who is fearless and always concerned about people's safety. He's a Yoko.

Heina Sakura

A passionate girl who's short temper often gets the best of her. She's a succubus.

Major supporting[]

Koneko Mikazuki

Vincent Oshiro

Frost Kūru


Marko - A hyper, arrogant, selfish, and violent little troll girl who parent's got her into the school. She's a witchling.

Episodes List[]

Season 1[]

  1. The Night the Rain Fell, Beginning.
  2. A Blanket of Snow, White.
  3. The Flowers of Death, Black.
  4. The Bright Blue Sky; Secrets
  5. The Turning of the Moon, Renewal.
  6. The Line Crossed, Battleground.

Opening the Closing Themes[]


  1. perfect slumbers - Yui Horie (Episodes 1-6) (Amaya)
  2. Mistake?! DEATH! - Misato Fukuen (Episodes 7-12) (Heina)


  1. We Believe You - Emi Shinohara (Episodes 1-6) (Tomayo)
  2. Memory Heart Message - Saori Hayami (Episodes 7-12) (Koneko)


  • The Title is named after three out of four of the name characters; Snow (Tomayo Yuki), Flowers (Heina Sakura), and Rain (Amaya Ito.)
  • Some episodes are named after the characters last name/what they're associated with. The Night the Rain fell; Amaya. Ito mean's Night Rain, hence the episode. The Turning of the Moon; Koneko. Mikazuki means New Moon (A Renewed Moon), Hence the name.
  • All of the extremely important characters (Main-Supporting) are associated with something. Amaya; Rain, Tomayo; Snow, Heina; Cherry Blossom Flowers, Sora; Sky (?), Koneko; New Moon.