Rosario + Vampire: The Next Big VampiresEdit

Courtney Hēisè, a normal girl from Tokyo, gets enrolled into Yokai Academy. She meets Chris Kimochi, a Succubus who doesn't know how she got in, and Jamie Roberts, a Shinso who's sister was killed 2 years ago. That night, Moka Akashiya accidently bites her, turning her into a Shinso. Then, Courtney, Chris and Jamie have some adventures to come!


Whoever wants to be in it definetly can!


Chris Kimochi (hero; MAIN)
Courtney Hēisè (hero; MAIN)
Keira Kimochi (dark hero; Chris's true form; MAIN)
Jane Roberts (dark hero; Jamie's true form; MAIN)
Moka Akashiya (hero; MAIN)
Jamie Roberts (hero; MAIN)
Kurai Hēisè (dark hero; Courtney's true form; MAIN)
Lila Henson (villian)
Katrina "Katie" Czekolada (former villian, now hero)


Jack Most (hero)
Rechnung Salang (hero)
Luyisi Hundan (sometimes hero, sometimes villian)
Yami Hain (hero)
Jun Desu (hero)
Tsukune Aono (minor)
Onon Shizuki (Neutral)


Season 1Edit

  1. A Vampire Lies in these 3 girls ~Chu!
  2. Little Vampire Kidnapped ~Chu.
  3. Love on a Villian ~Chu?
  4. Courtney's True Form: Revealed!
  5. New Kiddy Witch, Katie!
  6. Jack and Courtney, are they meant to be?
  7. Summer Vacation!

To be continued

Openings and EndingsEdit