Article PoliciesEdit

Please make sure your article follows the policies, no stubs.

  • Each Article must have at least three headers.
  • Pages must have at least one full five-sentence paragraph per header.
  • A template of any kind.
  • For character pages, please describe the appearance and personality at the least.
  • If you character is a monster, please specify what kind and their powers
  • Powers and Species must have at least three sentances, and list the effects or abilities.


  • No profound language
  • No extreme sexual content, we can't help subtle since this is Rosario + Vampire.
  • No Vandalism.
  • We treat eachother with respect; don't go trying to provoke others.
  • Joke Characters are alright, just don't go overboard.
  • Involvement of a Canon character in your fanfiction must be written on their page under your Universe.
  • No art-theft; you must have permission or have drawn it yourself. Bases are alright to use as long as you credit.

Any Questions or Suggestions about the rules and policies may be taken up with an Admin or discussed in the comments, thank you.