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Kaia's Adventures:Her Life  (I decided to make Kaia Kokoa's daughter, I thought it might be pretty interesting considering how messed up Kokoa is:) Appearance: Green eyes and redish flaming orange hair that flows all the way down to her knees, with pale skin.Wears the outfit her mother wore attending yokai academy.(I also decidedto make Kokoa have a husband yea im pretty sure you know who I mean.)

Summary: Kaia Shuzen has an amazing power hidden within her only because....shes a vampire! Kaia's not just any vampire though, shes a shinso! Kaia attends yokai academy a human school, what will happen when she finds out shes a s-class super monster and begins trying to keep her secret at the school? Not only that Kaia makes friends that aren't what they seem. 

Episode 1 New school and a vampire



Kokoa walks upstairs

In Kaia's room

Kaia: zzzz...zzz...zzz

Kokoa: slams door open

Kaia: WAHH?? falls off bed

Kokoa: your going to be late its already 7:40!

Kaia  stretches out her legs and lifts head up her to look at the time.

Kaia: OMG!! gets back on feet and quickly goes to bathroom where her mother has her clothes for her.

In the Bathroom

Kaia the prepares the bath, she put some of the herbel stuff in it. (which her mother has always told her to do for some reason.)

Once she was done she went to the mirror and put her long hair into two bushy ponytails with two red bows.

She then put on her socks and shoes and left.

At school

Teacher: today we have a new student. Come in.

Kaia walks in and bows her head.

Kaia: Im Kaia Shuzen nice to meet you she said with a cute smile.

Boy: Shes cute ya know. She might beat Marine and Kashas level.

Boy: I agree.

Time skipped by as Kaia noticed boys giving her glares and whispering. she decided to leave it alone.

Kaia walks out the clasroom when she hears a girl say WHO DO YOU THNIK YOU ARE!?

Kaia turns around and sees a girl yelling at her.

Kaia: and who do you think you are yelling at me like that?

Girl: Im the most beautiful girl in school I wont lose to you or Marine!

Kaia: whos Marine?

Girl: Im Marine!

Marine: You got a lot of nerve talking to this little girl like that, Kasha kurono.


Marine: Shut up im talking!

Kasha: You know what lets take this outside!

Marine: Bring it!

Kaia: no no no! violence isn't the way to go! (although Kaia was hoping Kasha would win for Marines little comment about her.)

Marine and Kasha ran outside.


Kasha suddenly grows wings and a tail underneath her skirt her ears turn pointed and her nails grow long.

Marines hands turn into frozen ice and so does her hair.

As Marine got closer to Kasha the trees, bushes and grass around her froze.

When Kaia got outside all the trees were cut off and Marine and Kasha were high in the sky.

Kaia saw Kashas bat wings and tail also Marines hands and hair and she was shocked.

Kaia ran over to where they were and looked up the girls landed on the roof with scratches and bruises.

Kaia thought only one explanation was possible for their transformations, there monsters.

Kaia decided to climb a tree to get a better view and somehow she managed to stand on it.

She then Yelled Stop!!!

Kasha and Marine looked over there shoulders to see Kaia.

Kasha: Perfect, since Kaia's human she'll be easier to take down!

Marine: not unless I take her down first!

Kaia noticed them coming at her, and by instinct she jumped in the air and attacked them.

As soon as Marine and Kasha were right in front of her, again by instinct she did a round house kick and sent them both flying.

Kasha and Marine: n-no w-way she defeated us with o-one k-kick. Then they both passed out.

Kasha's Thoughts: I cant believe it, me! Kaia Shuzen a girl that didn't know she was so flexible or could jump that high.

Kasha's Thoughts: Sure I joined every sport at my old school including cheerleading but it doesn't make sense, I shouldn't be able to do that unless no way....I couldn't be could I?

Kasha snapped out of her thoughts and jumped all the way over to the school roof where the unconscious girls were and dragged them to the nurses office.

Kaia felt a little uncomfortable as everyone stared at her thinking what she possibly did to the two girls.

(Oh and Marine and Kasha turned back to normal as soon as they fell unconscious.)

1 hour and 30 minutes later in the nurses office, Marine and Kasha finally wake up remembering everything.

Kasha and Marine: Lets be friends okay Kaia?


Kaia: But I thought you guys just tried to kill me?

Marine: well we did but...

Kasha.....We didn't know that you were so strong.

Marine: So what kind of monster are you?

Kaia: I didn't know I was a monster till today.

Kasha: That must be a shock how about ask your parents what kind of monster they are and tomorrow come back and tell us. kay?

Kaia: okay.

Kaia smiled and everyone shared a hug.

(Which lasted for about 10 minutes,lol.)


Kaia's Adventures:Her Life

. Last Episode: Kaia goes to a new school and finds out that some people that arent ordainary....especially herself only because.......SHES A MONSTER!=====

Episode 2 Kaia goes mad?


Dad: welcome home dear!

Kaia:Hi dad do you know where mom is?

Dad: Upstairs.

Kaia: thanks.

Kaia walks upstairs to her mother and fathers room.

Kokoa: oh hi dear.

Kaia: Mom I got to ask you something?


Kaia: what kind of monster am I?

Kokoa's eyes widened.

Kokoa: When did you find out?

Kaia:At school.

Kokoa:Well...your a vampire....

Kaia: W-W-WHAT!!!

Kokoa: your not just any vampire your a shinso vampire....

Kaia: Whats a Shinso Vampire?

Kokoa:Long before many vampires existed there was a powerful vampire named shinso.

Kokoa:Those who inherit his power by absorbing his blood are given the title of shinso.

Kokoa:Alcurd the oldest exsisting vampire who also held the title of shinso tried to take over the world.

Kokoa:Leaving fire on the entire continent for seven days.Another Shinso and her two companions stopped Alcurd.

Kokoa:The three who stopped Alcurd were given the title, Three Dark Lords.

Kokoa:To this day the corpse of Alcurd is being watched over by The Three Dark Lords and the Shinso that sealed away Alcurd.

Kokoa: She is Akasha Bloodriver, my step mother. Also your step grandma.

Kaia: Is she where I get being a Shinso from.

Kokoa: Yes, you also get your power from my step sister Moka.

Kaia:Thanks mom.

Kokoa: Your welcome dear. and tell your father just in case, okay?

Kaia: oooookkkaaaayyy?

The Next Day At School

Kasha:UGG another day at school....

Kaia: Hey Kasha! Wait up!

Kasha:Oh hi Kaia! Find out what monster you are?

Kaia:Sure did! she said im a shinso vampire I think she said?

A sudden look of fear spreaded across Kasha's face.

Kaia:Whats wrong?

Kasha: T-T-Thats Amazing Kaia! It has been proven that Shinso vampires possess a terrifying and immense aura that is darker than the darkness itself along with showing that shinso vampires also possess incredible speed and strength on a level much greater than S-class vampires.

Kasha:Shinso vampires are also shown to have immense healing abilities, beyond that shown by other vampires.

Kaia: Well thats boguess hearing it from a sucubuss and not my own mother! -_-

Kasha: (giggles)

Marine: hey you guys!

Kaia: oh hi Marine!

Marine: So what kind of monster are you?

Kasha: A Shinso Vampire.

Marine: Seriously!


Marine:Thats cool!

Kasha:The only problem is that three monsters even at one human school is bad.

Marine:Yea remember there were a couple incidents where people almost found out what we are Kasha?

Kasha:Yea and I wont forget......


Kaia:Lets head for class.

The three monsters walk to the same classroom.

Teacher: Hello students im your new teacher. Now lets start off by introducing yourselfs okay? You first he pointed to a girl.

Boy: Im Luke galore.

Girl:Im Lucy gamble

Boy:Im Dylan savor.

Girl:Im Gloria launch

Everybody else went and the last person to go was Kaia.

Kaia: Im Kaia Shuzen.

Teacher:Ahh Kaia Shuzen I need to speak with you after school.

Kaia: Um ok?

After class everybody leaves and all whos left is Kaia and the teacher.

The teacher grabs Kaia from behind.


The teacher didn't say anything and just sticks a shot in her neck.

After that everything went dark for Kaia.

[1](A picture of kaia when she cuts her hair.)Added by RosariogirlWhen Kaia opened her eyes her body started moving on its own.

She walked down over by Marine and Kasha.

(Which for some reason are still at the school)

Marine: oh hey Kaia!

Kaia didn't say anything and just punched marine in the stomach sending her flying through a window of the school outside.

Kaia's thoughts: marine no!!!! I didn't do that my body is moving on its own!


Kaia then kicked Kasha straight outside hitting a tree and falling on the ground.

Kasha: If its A fight you want its a fight you'll get!

Kasha transformed into her true form and attacked Kaia.


Kasha saw a man coming up behind Kaia.

Man:Kaia stop thats enogh now!

Kaia: yes master.

Kasha: Wait teacher is that you?

Teacher: evil laugh

The teacher sticks the shot back in kaia's neck and the fluid he put in her sucks back in the shot.

Kaia faints.

Teacher:Im afraid the fluid has already made a connection with her blood. Kaia will do anything I say unless you can find the cure.

Kasha noticed something in his pocket and flew over by him and clawedhis suit and took the small device.

Teacher: WHAT?? HOW DID SHE....?

Kasha quickly clicked a button on it and it turned into a shot. she sinked into kaia's arm this time and kaia awoke.

Kaia:Thanks Kasha

Kasha noticed the man left but didn't bother finding him.Making sure Kaia was okay is already enough done.

Kasha and Marine walked back to Kaia's house.

Kaia: thanks for dropping me off you guys.

Kasha:Well at least we know where you live now.

Kasha and Marine:Goodnight Kaia.

Kaia:Goodnight you guys.

Marine and Kasha started walking back to their houses.

Kaia thought about that weird guy she met today as she shut the door and tip toed to her room and went to sleep.

But right before she did she put on her pj's and decided to cut her hair.

(The picture of Kaia is of her pj's and her hair when she cut it.)


Hope you enjoyed the episode!!! :)