Fire colossus 4

Saturn in his natural, Titan form.

Saturn, is the leader and founder of Hades. He is a Titan , who is associated is lava.


Saturn is generally calm, and composed, rarely showing much emotion as a whole. He prefers not to go into battle unless he feels their is substantial reason. In Saturn's own philosophy, it is bad for a leader to lead their troops into battle, so he never shows concern for his subordinates any concern, and sees them as being expendable. However, he has a charismatic, and almost inspiring side when he speaks. He is capable of commanding a strong presence, and his subordinates are very loyal to him.

Saturn has a burning hatred for humans, and will rarely, if ever, pass up an opportunity to slaughter humans. This hatred eventually increased to an extent of all around blood thirst, desiring all around genocide of the humans.

When Saturn does go into battle, he is ruthless, and merciless. He will display a violent side when he fights, roaring, and thrashing around in the area. He will even attack, and destroy his own subordinates or structures.

Despite his ruthlessness and charisma, many people view Saturn as a coward, which he is, in some respects. His intentions are completely selfish, as his desire to kill all humans, is the fact that only humans can kill Titans.


In his humanoid form, Saturn is a fairly tall man, with dark red hair, and somewhat dark skin. He doesn't possess an "Eye of Saturn" tattoo on himself.

In his natural form, Saturn is a colossal, humanoid being, made out of hardened lava rock. There are cracks along his body, that glowing lava can be seen leaking out of.


As a Titan of lava, Saturn is able to command powers of magma, and lava. He can summon enormous waves of molten rock, capable of dousing a large area in a small space of time. Saturn can harden the lava at will, often make large prisons out of the hardened volcanic rock. He is even capable of summoning up large streams of ash at his opponents.

As the leader of Hades, Saturn has absolute power over the entire organization, and can command all the members. Due to the "Eye of Saturn" tattoo that all the members of Hades possess, Saturn is able to know their location at all times.