The Succubus originated in Medival times as a yokai which would seduce men and steal their souls through sexual

Kurumu portray's exceeding beauty, like that of her kind.

intercourse. In Rosario + Vampire, they just about follow the same standards which some difference. In their true form, they have elven like ears, Grow wings and a tail, and may have other differences such as claws and fangs. Most of a Succubi's powers come in with seductions, so fighting isn't exactly their field. The best weapon's they have in a fight are claws and flight.

Succubus AbilitiesEdit

Powers with a * are for higher level Succubi.

  • Entering Dreams and Dream Seduction*
  • Supernatural Conditions
  • Absorbing Life-Force
  • Lilith's Kiss (The Kiss of Death)
  • Shapeshifting*
  • Sexual Manipulation
  • Weaponry
  • Exceeding Seduction
  • Divine Beauty
  • Manifestation of Wings

Known SuccubiEdit


  • Kurumu Kurono
  • Ageha Kuruno


  • Heina Sakura