Shadow of the colossus by fellcoda

An Earth Titan in full force.

Titans are enormous, elemental giants, that can reach colossal sizes. Due to their power, they possess the rank of X-Class monster.

The appearance of a Titan can vary radically from individual from individual, but they are consistently very large, and have immense physical strength.


Titans are absolutely enormous, some of them even growing to the size of Kaiju. Their bodies are composed of their given element, or at least coated in it, which gives them full access to their powers.

Even though they rival Kaiju in size, Titans are considered to be far more dangerous, due to the fact that unlike Kaiju, they are highly intelligent. They possess the ability to formulate complex strategies and plans, and they can be very patient, and are willing to wait for long periods of time before they enact their plans.

LIke most Yokai, the personality of Titan varies, but Titans are normally arrogant, and ruthless, never showing mercy to others. However, they are wary, and even sometimes afraid, of humans. They live alone, in secluded places that resemble their own being, either in hibernation, or in a state of planning or waiting.
Air colossus by zsoltkosa-d3hxe5k

A Storm Titan, which could possess the power over wind, and lightning.


Aside from their incredible strength due to their size, a Titan can control its given element with a level of complete mastery. They possess so much power, that a strong one could destroy an entire city on its own. Due to the fact their body is composed of their element, they have an infinite amount at their command.

The most feared characteristic of a Titan, however, is the fact they cannot be killed. It is impossible for any other Yokai to kill a Titan, not even another X-Class. In fact, the only form of Yokai that can kill a Titan, is another Titan. Although, humans, are capable of killing Titans, so long as they use a weapon made entirely by human hands. And, if a weapon of that style, wielded by a human, pierces a Titan's body, the Titan is doomed.