Inner Moka portrays many of the Vampire's powers and traits.

The Vampire is an age old monster very well known in stories for drinking Human blood. It is known for other thing's such as disintegrating in sunlight, being weak to silver (Crosses in specific), and other things. In the Rosario + Vampire canon; Sunlight only causes a sunburn, Crosses and Silver suppress, limit, or seal away their power, and rather than sunlight being a deadly effect; It's water. Vampire's are said to be one of the strongest Yokai in the series; being in the S class ranks.

Vampire AbilitiesEdit

  • Decelerated Aging

Or Semi-Immortality, This ability allows the Vampire to live longer than the human, or even the average Yokai.

  • Enhanced Condition

With their Enhanced Condition, Vampires possess high Agility, Combat Skills, Durability, Endurance, Regeneration (See Healing), Senses (This may go under Youkai Detection), Speed, and most notably; Strength.

  • Enhanced Strength

One of the most notable of the Enhanced Conditions, a Vampire is known highly for it's inhuman strength. This happens mainly through Yoki Conversion; in which a Vampire tranferrs their Yokai energy into their strength. With this strength, it was seen in the Manga that Gyokuro could lift a stone pillar with definite ease.

  • Yoki Conversion

How a Vampire gets it's strength is through Yoki Conversion, or the conversion of energy into Strength.

  • Enhanced Healing

Some Vampires possess Enhanced Healing (Or Regeneration), in which their body heals at a fast, inhuman pace.

  • Charm

Similar to the Charming power which a Succubus possesses, Vampire's can charm people in order to drink their blood from them.

  • Wealth of Power

The Vampire's Shapeshifting ability, very rarely seen as a Vampire's vanity has caused them to turn away from this power.

  • Youkai Detection

A Sensing ability, this allows a Vampire to detect an enemy's next move before it even begins. This is known to be Inner Moka's main method in battle.

  • Blood Consumption Conversion

The Ability for a Vampire to convert the blood they drink into power; It is not seen in the original Rosario + Vampire story (Unless you count the REVERSE in which the Blood injected into humans gives them temporary power.)

Known VampiresEdit


  • Moka Akashiya (Inner and Outer)
  • Akasha Bloodriver
  • Kokoa Shuzen
  • Kahlua Shuzen
  • Akua Shuzen
  • Issa Shuzen
  • Gyokura Shuzen
  • Alucard
  • Jasmine