A Wizard (ウィザード, U~izādo) is a immensely rare Yōkai, and are the male variant of a Witch.


Wizards has been around since ancient times, long before witches came into existence. Wizards are considered to be A-S Class Yōkai, with some being conditioned to be a S-Class Supermonster, on per with even a vampires, and sometimes a Divine.

Abilities & Magical CapabilitiesEdit

Exceeding older then witches, Wizards are able to perform "true magic". Miracles that allows to truly alter reality, space, time, energy and all of matter. By using gestures, body movement, incantations or simply thought and/or will, they are able to invoke reality to perform impossible magical feats beyond a witch's capabilities. Such as summoning one of the 72 Demon Gods, or perform a ritual to grant Immortality all the will to utterly control space-time on a metaphysical level.

Wizards capacity of magic is so great, they could even empower themselves and become gods in the physical world, using spells that enhances their physical capabilities beyond what is naturally possible. They could even increase their mental strength to endure intense mental stress.

Wizard AbilitiesEdit

Sorcery: Wizards are able to invoke "true magic", truly performing magical feats to alter reality to their will.

  • Empowerment: Wizards are able to not only empower themselves, but those around them beyond what can currently do.
  • Enchanting: Wizards are able to imbued objects with magic with certain elements and even conceptual elements. Either imbued a sword with fire, or a necklace with Divine Protection with a Æsir.
  • Alchemy: Wizards are able to perform "true alchemy". The transmutations of the physical world, and alter all properties that makes up organic matter, or any solid physical matter.
  • Incantations: Wizards are capable of reading, and chant numerous of ancient incantations and Divine words. Incantations are one of the most powerful types of Sorcery a Wizard can perform, but requires great amounts of physical and mental strength, and years of arcane study. Merlin Ambrosius is considered to be the most powerful mage in this arcane subject.

Enhanced/Supernatural Condition: Some Wizards had shown to have their physical condition beyond the limits of a human. With some even being able to be on par with vampires, even with empowerments.