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Yasser,He is member of Yokai Acedemy. He also known as "Sandman." His basic styleis Sand.


While Yasser had initially tried to be friendly towards others, despite their fear of him,Yashamaru's actions and words changed him. He learned to find pleasure, and eventually a reason to live, in annihilating the numerous assassins sent to kill him – and, by extension, anyone who threatened his existence. Yasser's insomnia, forced upon him by the fear that the demon inside him would eat away at him if he were to fall asleep, only furthered his instability and desire to kill. In fact, his hatred extends to his siblings, as he never saw them as such, and was fully willing to kill them were they to cross him.


He wears green uniform.Black shoe. Red Tie. Black curly hair. Brown skin. Brown eyes. A little scar on his forhead


Sand Control Furthermore, assercan crush the hardest minerals in the ground together to create a shield in shape of Sand's body or a spear in the shape of its arm for combat.When first introduced, his basic means of attacks is to first use Sand Binding Coffin to capture, immobilise, and potentially suffocate an opponent with sand. Once the opponent is subdued, he uses Sand Waterfall Funeral to cause the sand to crush the opponent with varying intensities. Though he comes up with other means of attack throughout the series, the "catch and crush" tactic remains at the centre of his fighting style. During battle, Gaara rarely moves, attacking with his sand from a single location, and rarely uses taijutsu. With Desert Suspension, Gaara can use sand as a platform, to allow himself and others to float in the air. His Third Eye also allows him to create a floating eyeball of sand in any location, which he can see through as a means of spying, or to guide his attacks while completely enclosed by his defences. He also claimed that he can ride his sand to reach the Island Turtle, and would have been faster than ifŌnoki went there.


(Moka Akashiya) "I finally and I both have something in commons..."

  • "Staright me at your super speed,huh? But I've already told you...I've seen it so much even your kick's annyoing!!"
  • "Vampire or Yokai,you all will never able defeat to me!"