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The Youko is a Yokai that originates from Japanese lore as a many-tailed fox that had many paranormal powers. The stories from Japan depict them as wise, intelligent beings who possesed many powers that could increase their wisdom and grant them semi-immortality. They were known for having a vast amount of powers that included that which made them canine in nature. These creatures came to be of legend in the olden days of Japan when Foxes and Humans lived closely together.

Youko Abilities[]

Power's with a * mean they are for higher level Youko.

  • Canine Like-Enhancements

Because of this Yokai being canine-like, they have recieved many canine-like enhancments such as a Stronger Bite, Enhanced Durability, Endurance, Senses, Speed, Stamina, Strength, Adapting to their Environment, and Predatory instinct.

  • Temperature Regulating

The opposite of a Yuki-Onna, Firefox must remain warm in whatever environment they are in and so they can regulate their body temperature without any help. They are weak to the cold and it may be a cause of death.

  • Semi-Immortality

The Youko possesses Semi-Immortality, allowing them to live much longer than other Yokai.

  • Dream Manipulating

The Youko can manipulate dreams, but the lack the ability to walk within dreams.

  • Increased Intelligence Over Aging

As a Youko becomes older, their wisdom and intelligence increases. This is one of the biggest traits of a Youko and one they are well known for.

  • Fox-Fire Manipulation

Youko are pyrokinetics (along with another well known Japanese Yokai, the Bakeneko.). They have strong powers over fire and can beat their tails together to burn any human to the ground.

  • Flight*

An upper level ability which allows the Youko to fly.

  • Ability of Illusions*

Youko can create illusions at a higher level which they can use to trick and menace humans if they are ill-intentioned.

  • Ability to Induce Insanity*

Higher level Youko can induce insanity in humans, and in rare cases other Youko.

  • Possesing Humans*

A high level Youko is able to possess a human and possibly curse it, they can force it to slightly change it's form and cause the human's body to do it's bidding from within.

Known Youko[]


  • Kuyou


  • Sora Oshiro
  • Vincent Oshiro