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Mizore portray's many of the Yuki-Onna's abilities and traits.

A Yuki-Onna is a female only yokai species (For the only-male counterpart, see Yuki-Otoko) which was known to men they liked during snowstorms as mates to continue on their species. In their human form, they are being's of divine beauty who try to attract men. In their true form, their body temperature drops to freezing, their hairs become ice, and their hands become large ice like claws. A Yuki-Onna is one of the species in Rosario + Vampire which actually comes from Japanese lore.

Yuki-Onna Abilities[]

  • Divine Beauty

This ability grants the Yuki-Onna unfathomable beauty to attract men. They cannot shapeshift, but they can use this ability to their advantage.

  • Ice Manipulation

This ability is the most notable of a Yuki-Onna's, they can create Blizzards, Combat, Construct, and Create Creatures with Cryokinesis, Freeze others with their Breath, Freeze, Fire Ice Beams, and Manipulate Snow.

If you couldn't tell, a Yuki-Onna's biggest weakness is fire and heat. To avoid Heat, all Yuki-Onna have special lolipop's in which they keep their body temperature regulated. The fire part, they have to be very careful of.

Known Yuki-Onna[]


  • Mizore Shirayuki
  • Shirara Shirayuki
  • The Snow Preistess


  • Tomayo Yuki - A Notable Yuki-Onna for not inheriting Divine Beauty; She has but average beauty.